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You are invited to send in information to help update this site. Eventually there will be a web interface to make submissions, but for now, please send any questions, comments, or suggestions to thivierr@gmail.com.

Everyone is invited to suggest corrections or additions to the biography of any candidate. Claims must be verifiable, especially if they are signficant. So, please include sources to verify information, such as a link to a news article. The bigger the claim, the greater the need for verification.

Only candidates are invited to submit:

Any submissions (by candidates or others) are subject to consideration by the creator of this site, and may or may not be used, and may or may not be altered. Please note, this site is a work in progress, in its earliest stages. So, there may be errors and omissions. There are numerous improvements planned. Please do not rely soley on this or any other single source to make your decision on voting